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Comprehensive List Of Small Businesses

Arts and Crafts Business
Automobile Detailing Business
Bar and Club
Bed and Breakfast
Blogging Business
Business on eBay
Car Wash
Child-Care Service
Cleaning Service
Clothing Store and More
Coaching Business
Coin-Operated Laundry
College Planning Consultant Business
Construction and Contracting Business
Consulting Business
Day Spa and More
Event Planning Business
Executive Recruiting Business
Fashion Accessories Business
Florist Shop and Other Floral Businesses
Food Truck Business
Freelance Writing Business and More
Freight Brokerage Business
Gift Basket Business and More
Grant-Writing Business
Graphic Design Business
Green Business
Hair Salon and Day Spa
Home Inspection Service
Import/Export Business
Information Marketing Business
Kid-Focused Business
Lawn Care or Landscaping Business
Mail Order Business
Medical Claims Billing Service
Microbrewery, Distillery, or Cidery
Net Services Business
Nonprofit Organization
Online Coupon or Daily Deal Business
Online Education Business
Personal Concierge Service
Personal Training Business
Pet Business and More
Pet-Sitting Business and More
Photography Business
Public Relations Business
Restaurant and More
Retail Business and More
Self-Publishing Business
Seminar Production Business
Senior Services Business
Staffing Service
Travel Business and More
Tutoring and Test Prep Business
Vending Business
Wedding Consultant Business
Wholesale Distribution Business

Building Home Sound Booths At Huge Profit

Musicians of all kinds need sound booths. Some to protect the people and neighbors around them and some to create a silent and non reflective space to record voice. Don't make rash promises. Make your first booth in your own home and the results will be astonishing. Thousands  can be made weekly.

Mailbox Forwarding - View Your Paper Mail Online

Mailbox Forwarding - View Your Paper Mail Online

Mailbox Forwarding is an innovative new service designed to take postal mail into the digital age by providing users with online, remote access to their paper mail from anywhere.

They provide customers with a unique mailbox address where they can have their mail sent. When a new piece of mail arrives, it is automatically scanned the front of the envelope.

Users can then choose whether to have the mail opened and scanned, forwarded to them physically, or shredded and destroyed. making postal mail as accessible and mobile as email-Low price and easy signup.

This service is very popular with people who travel a lot- salespeople, RV camping enthusiasts, and those who receive sensitive mail that they cannot lose by having it sitting around in their home mailbox until their return.

At $14.95 a month it is cheap insurance against a the potential disaster of missing mail.

Cheap Small Business Phone Systems-

We all know you can't answer your cell phone every time it rings and a potential client/customer really isn't going to get too excited about getting dumped into an anonymous voicemail box.

They'll go to the next number because they know that a "small business" person with a sloppy phone voicemail isn't going to call back, and if they do, hiring them will bring a host of problems.
Why would you use your cell phone when cheap small business phone systems are available? Also, there is no hardware to purchase or maintain
Your callers will be greeted and automatically directed to your home, office or mobile phone—no matter where you are.
Try out a GabbyVille Receptionist FREE for 14 days!


Many inexpensive phone services have an advanced voicemail system called virtual attendant. You can request the caller press a key to hear the hours, another for your location, another to request an update on a delivery, to give some examples. If they leave a message you can have converted from voice to text and sent to your mobile phone. If you're on a ladder, or speaking to a new client you don't have to worry. As soon as you're able, read the text and decide how to respond. You'll get less time consuming calls because many are from customers calling to see if you are open on a specific day, or do you deliver, for example. Some companies offer a professional voice artist to make a free message sequence for you.
You can also get a local or toll free number that you can make outbound calls on from your mobile or home phone- customers will have a consistent number they recognize and wont bypass you system by calling you in the middle of the night on your cell.

Create "Employee" extensions and departments with auto attendant. That way your Mom can answer your business calls for you. You can just route those calls to her house!
Almost any business will benefit from a toll free number with auto attendant and department directory. Increase Sales, Profit, And Productive Time.

Landscapers, real estate agents, carpenters, builders, cleaning services, painting contractors, lawyers, dentists, doctors, electricians, plumbers, HVAC contractors, roofing, gutter cleaning, floor refinishing, consultants of any field are just some of the businesses that are taking advantage of cutting-edge Small Business Phone Systems.
 Take a look at: Grasshopper Easy And Very Cheap If You Aren't Going To Add A bunch Of Employees Soon. Grasshopper lets you run your business using your cell phones and you sound Like a Fortune 500 Company! Grasshopper Local Or Toll Free Numbers can be obtained as low as $12.00 per month

A little more complicated to set up- but will stretch to corporate--

* Customer Friendly: 800 Toll Free Numbers* Unified: One number to reach all your locations and staff.
* Professional: Professional greetings & automated attendant present professional image.
* Efficient: Automated incoming call handling and call forwarding under your control..
* Convenient: Check voicemail by email, web, or your phone.
* Simple & Easy: Sign up on-line and begin using in minutes.

It's A Business- Part 2

Let's make a list. I love lists. Most of  my life I made a list everyday. Sometimes five in a day. I never looked at them again, because I never looked at them and I rarely accomplished the tasks. This one is different. I learned to follow through. So will you.
We're going to  follow through. 
Finish each item, in your mind, with "for no, just to get the boulder rolling" or something like that.

1. Let's decide what need your business will be able to provide a solution for and what our service area is.(How far will we travel or ship).  I gave gave a quick Google search to see what's out there in terms ideas.  Dog Walking. House Cleaning And Closet Organizing.  Sounds lame. Here's a story. The son of a friend of mine is a brilliant young man. Now a Harvard  Businessgraduate. His class, at some point is assigned a project. The project is to create a new small businesss with very little startup capital. He decides on a House Painting company. Now most anywhere in this country there are plenty of house painters and house painting companies. Sure, some of them have to be pushed to finish a job, some are sloppy, some have issues of another kind or another. Using what you have read already, he was able to build a company grossing over a million dollars annually. The point is this: If you have a special skill, and want to use it, that's fine. The plan is for you to profit from others working for you, so if they need a special education or training to do the work, rethink it. On the other hand, just because a lot of people do it badly is no reason not to consider it.

2. What it will be called. Simple is best .Jens Home And Busines  Services foe example isn't too restrictive, and the name Jean is common enough to allow you to sell the business. Bobbi Sue Ellens Nylon Sock Stretchers, on the other hand is no good.

3. Based on the need and service area, we'll define our customers, where they are, whether or not they are aware of  this need and looking for a solution, and how much the typical customer will pay.

4. What will our costs be and what special logistics are involved. (shipping, telephone, tools, special vehicle, etc.)

5. How will we find and bring this customer to a decision to buy.

Basic Small Business Idea- It's A Business

To have your own home business —a small business that you work from home, with no boss, and the possibility of huge earnings- who hasn't let their mind go there?
Let's face it- jobs come in two basic types. The low paying, erratic hours and frequently humiliating kind that destroy you slowly over your lifetime and leave you mentally or emotionally crippled, and the high powered, high pay kind that have prestige and leave a trail of lost relationships, angry resentful children, ulcers and constant worry. But high hopes and big plans are often a way to detach ourselves from our boring and frustrating reality. What we need is a real understanding of what's required and the ability to practice it daily.
It's actually quite possible. The thing you've got to face is that while the day to day reality of building your own business is not as bad as the two work scenarios I suggested above, it requires discipline and effective use of resources. You may not have to work as hard, and you may make much more money, but there's stuff you have to do EVERY SINGLE DAY to succeed. It's like using a big crowbar to start rolling a boulder. You have the tools, but it'll still require effort to get it started. If you stop, boulder stops rolling and you're back at the beginning. If you keep at it, momentum will make it easier. I'm not kidding. There are basic actions taken by successful small business people that will make almost any decent small business idea blossom. They are almost guaranteed to make your small business begin to grow.
This is a work in progress. If you find that this is helping, you should probably go back and review periodically. It's possible for me to have an epiphany and go back and change entire posts without notice. You.ve been warned
It is truly astonishing how many small business people, especially those performing services that take them into extended personal contact with clients fail to give any kind of businesslike impression. It's a BUSINESS you want, I think, not a chaotic part time job.
The key to the whole thing is to look and feel to the customer like a business. Live to promote, sell, and make enough of a foothold to be in a position to take the next step- hiring competent employees. You may have to grow into being this way automatically. In the meantime, don't belittle your own efforts or competency, complain about childcare costs, taxes, Catholics, hangovers, husbands, wives, or anything. Don't arrive late, ever. Have a spare tire and enough time to change it and get to your appointment. Don't offer excuses for having to leave early.
A good client is hard to find. Expensive even. That client may be a revenue stream for years, contributing thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to your business income. When you sell your successful business, his name and goodwill will put you anywhere you want to go.
Want an example?
Auto insurance companies will pay as much as $100 PER CLICK for advertising on search engines. Why? Statistics tell them that these are long term customers , easily worth the cost of paying for clicks until one buys. They are using stats, but you have to treat every customer like that car owner who buys insurance and never bothers to comparison shop because it's too much trouble. Sure, Uncle Eddie can fix the leak, but when will he have time? If you are a pro you get the call back.
I want you to get up every morning acting like the president of a start up company with huge potential. Are you going to waste away another day procrastinating? If that's who you are please hit your back button now.